The Surgeon’s Son (2010)

In 2010 I scored soundtracks for two animated shorts by different Graduate Students in The Ohio State University ACCAD program. One was “Holly Hype” by Amber Cecil and the other was “The Surgeon’s Son” by Ryan Hale. I posted the trailer to Holly Hype on my youtube channel with a blog post here on my website back in April. When I announced my website through my “Playin Around Town” email news letter earlier in August I got a reply back from Ryan with a link to “The Surgeon’s Son.”

So here is the complete animated short for your viewing pleasure.
Information about the film and Ryan is below.

Untitled from Ryan Hale on Vimeo.

This story is based on the adventures of the filmmakers’ relative, Dr. Nathan S. Hale. Nathan wrote a memoir entitled Cut Boldly Down, Medicine, Nature, and a Life of Curiosity: A Surgeon’s Memoir which is on many levels a very personal account of his life and members in his community. During the production of this film, the story became a reflection of Nathan’s early childhood activities. By using key artifacts from his past as containers for his memories, and sets which are designed as virtual dioramas, this narrative animation is a visualization of Nathan’s imagination and curiosity.

Running Time: 6 Min 29 Sec | NTSC (4:3) | Region 0 | Animated | Color |
Film by Ryan Nathan Hale | Music by T.W. Cory | Available on DVD |
Copyright © Ryan Nathan Hale